My new retro headphones! They look cool, are durable, easy maintenance, makes a good prop for most cosplays, and sound spectacular. *.*

I used this tutorial to make them if you’re interested in doing it yourself.

I actually played several hours of Team Fortress 2 while listening through these headphones because they just sound that great. Even when I plugged in the headphones jack into my 3DS, the background music for pokemon sounding really beautiful :D

Love to see custom dieselpunk work!

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Went for a hike up Little Mountain. I grew up on the bottom of this mountain and know it very well. But they’ve added some new trails and we discovered this amazing car on the side of the mountain.


April 2, 1933: According to some paste-on scholarship on the back of this photo, the French engineer Joseph Archer devoted 11 years to perfecting his propellered  “airline cab,” which was intended to scoot along at 150 miles per hour, suspended from an overhead monorail. Repeated fruitless Google and Times archive searches suggest that Mr. Archer’s invention was not a pedestal-smashing success, nor was his work on a trench mortar as legacy-making as it seemed at the time of this photo’s issue. A side view of the cab can be found here. Photo: The New York Times

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